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Taschentrainer-Set 1 (EN)

Our yellow set includes exercises on ball safety and footwork.

It is divided into three categories and identified by the color border with different shades of yellow. The categories of this set are counter, topspin and footwork. In addition to many well-known regular exercises, there are some irregular and more demanding exercises that can add a lot of variety to the training. On separate cards it is pointed out that every counter-exercise can also be played as topspin or that the explained legwork exercises can also be performed completely in counter-attack instead of topspin on a block.

If you start the exercises with an opening topspin on Schupf, you can use the cards to make the training more competitive. Due to these countless variations, the levels of difficulty vary enormously, so that almost every player can use the set. As soon as the basic techniques of counter-attack, topspin and push are mastered, this set can be used.


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Set 1: Ball safety and footwork, 34 cards on the topic