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Taschentrainer-Set 2 (EN)

Our blue set includes exercises on the subject of serve and return.

It is divided into three categories and identified by the color border with different shades of blue. The categories of this set are Focus Serve, Focus Return and Serve/Return. In addition to the exercise cards, we have introduced knowledge cards on which tactical topics such as “probable return positions”, “receiving the ball” or “forehand-oriented player” are addressed and the exercises are then built up. The first two categories give ideas on how to train serves and setbacks in a concentrated manner. The topic sounds simple, but should also be incorporated into training by advanced players from time to time.

The serve/return category takes up most of this set and is very competitive. Almost all exercise cards contain two variants that can be played individually or in combination. Played individually, they usually train a certain player opening variant. The exercise is combined irregularly and therefore closer to competition.


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Set 2: Serve – Return, 34 cards on the topic